Event for Schools, Libraries & Festivals

 Join William Hussey, author of the Witchfinder trilogy…

‘a perfect mix of horror, magic, adventure and mystery’

Edward, age 12

‘one of my favourite books ever’

Jacob, age 13

‘compelling – grabs you from the start’

Hannah, age 14

on a tour into terror!


A three-part event that includes –


* Spine-tingling readings!

Includes spooky green mist video and the infamous JUMP! moment – guaranteed to get the audience leaping out of their seats!

* Trial of a Witch!

An interactive re-enactment of a 17th Century witch trial in all its gruesome and grisly glory! Witness the infamous methods of torture – including ‘Watching’, ‘Walking’, ‘Pricking’ and ‘Swimming’  – used by the witchfinders of old to extract confessions and evidence of witchcraft.   

A thrilling master class of the macabre, illustrated with props and blood-curdling images, this genuine history of witch persecutions in 17th Century England provided the background to the Witchfinder series.

* Interrogation Time!

The audience is encouraged to ask any question they like, but here are a few suggestions –

Was William really inspired by the ‘haunted house’ in which he grew up? How did the fantastical stories told by his grandfathers shape his writing? And how did William’s obsession with old horror comics find its way into Witchfinder?

William is happy to discuss all aspects of his writing and will offer tips to any aspiring authors in the audience!



‘A Guide For A Successful Author Event’ is available on request from Katie Hovell at OUP – katie.hovell@oup.com



‘An interesting and well-organised session. The interactive elements of the talk were particularly memorable and informative to the students. Many were inspired by the event and we are hoping to launch some writing competitions in order to sustain the momentrum.’
Emma Clay, English Department, Skegness Grammar School
‘It takes a great deal to hold 200 secondary students spellbound. This William Hussey did last Thursday at Haven High. His reading had many students’ mouths agape! The re-enactment of the Witch Trial was informative and entertaining. A thoroughly enjoyable and engaging afternoon for all, it certainly gave me, as a Drama teacher, useful stimuli for future lessons.’
Terry Patman, Drama Department, Haven High Technology College, Boston
‘While William read a section from his book the audience sat in rapt silence. The mock trial event was very successful. The students thoroughly enjoyed it as could be seen through the question and answer session at the end. I recommend other schools take this opportunity…’
Jessica Gale, Head of School, Haven High Technology College, Boston
‘Many thanks from the students and staff who were able to attend William Hussey’s presentation. We were all informed and entertained by the reading and re-creation of the ‘witch trial’. The volunteers didn’t know what they had let themselves in for, but they were treated gently and were great sports! The event went very well.’
Bill Kerr, School Librarian, St Andrew’s & St Bride’s High School, East Kilbride
‘Thank you very much for the opportunity to be part of this tour. William Hussey was very good and the young people enjoyed the session.’
Margaret Cowan, Literacy Development Co-ordinator, Central Library East Kilbride

To book William for an event please leave a comment here or contact Katie Hovell at Oxford University Press at katie.hovell@oup.com


Skegness Grammar School

Haven High Technology College, Boston

Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Alford

The King’s School, Grantham (guest of the Barrowby & Grantham Federation of Children’s Book Groups)

Newcastle Central Library

The Red House Academy, Sunderland

Farringdon Community College

Mortimer Community College, South Shields

Bolden School, South Shields

AK Bell Library, Perth

Perth Academy

Loch Leven School, Kinloss

Ross High School, Edinburgh

St Andrew’s & St Bride’s High School, East Kilbride

Woodfarm Secondary School

Bannerman High School, Glasgow

Hillhead High School, Glasgow

Portobello High School, Edinburgh

James Gillespie High School, Edinburgh – guest of the Scottish Book Trust

St Margaret’s High School, North Lanarkshire

St Aiden’s High School

Mossbourne Academy, Hackney

Carre’s Grammar School, Sleaford

Queen Elizabeth Grammar School, Horncastle

Eason’s, Dublin

Waterstones, Boston

Waterstones, Colchester


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